Every family has a story to tell – this is ours.

Fisher’s at Orange Beach Marina is in a postcard-picture setting housing two restaurants under one roof: Upstairs and Dockside. Upstairs is timeless. Dockside is relaxed. Both are devoted to creating culinary masterpieces that complement the two waterfront dining experiences. Part of the appeal of Fisher’s is the wide-ranging menu for a broad customer base. The Fisher’s factor is achieved by the magical mix of aesthetics, cleanliness and service.

As a restaurant we are only as good as the ingredients we are able to procure. Appealing to all senses begins with great food. The difference between good food and exceptional food is usually the ingredients. Our fish is fresh from the Gulf and much time is spent working with providers. Quality over quantity is primary and we know what we are looking for. Nothing is made that we do not taste. If we do not love it, you will not either. There are so many advantages to local food; it is more nutritious because it was harvested a day or two before it was delivered and our local economy prospers. We care about local food and the farm-to-table movement.

At Fisher’s, Executive Chef, Bill Briand is heavily influenced by his mother’s cooking and produces dishes that are uniquely his while fulfilling something you have unknowingly longed for your entire life. Before transferring to Orange Beach, Briand spent seven years with Emeril Lagasse and nine years with James Beard Award-winner Donald Link while working in the great kitchens of Emeril's, Herbsaint, Cochon and Cochon Butcher. In 2016, 2017 and 2018 Chef Briand was nominated as a Semi-Finalist in the James Beard Foundation’s Best Chef category for the South Region.

We have a little niche for the style of food that we are creating but we are not just about food; the type of experience we provide is equally as important. Fisher’s strives to be Fisher’s family. It is about hospitality. This includes in-house relationships among staff members, as well as, a familiarity with our guests. This is truly our favorite thing to do here.

Whether Upstairs or Dockside, Fisher's promises a memorable dining experience that includes incredible food, signature drinks, captivating design, and friendly, attentive service. Dining in the company of yachts, accompanied by the most gorgeous sunsets you will ever experience does not hurt either.